Summer Camps


Today I will talk about summer camp. There are a lot of summer camps, like tech camps, arts camps, sports camps, etc.

In a summer camp you can do a lot of activities like swimming, tennis, fencing, basketball, dance, theater, art, music, surfing, badminton, aeroball, football, photography, rugby, cooking, etc

There, you can acquire new skills, make new friends, live new experiences, develop self-confidence and express your aptitudes and knowledge.

Some negative aspects about going to a summer camp are to stay away from your family, you can dislike the food and it can be very expensive.

I have never been to an summer camp but I think that can be a very good experience because you can learn more about things that you like, discover new hobbies and know what you are able to do by your own.

My dream summer camp is a sports camp with archery, fencing and abseiling.



Daniela PA


My Favorite Type Of Summer Camp.


In this post I´ll talk about my favorite type of summer camps. There are so many types of summer camps, one for each liking. There are summer camps where you can do many different sports, study, learn many languages and experience adventures.

In these camps you can do different activities such as climbing, running and swimming in the adventure and sports camps. In the other summer camps you can study and learn different languages, about different cultures and different countries.

When you go to the summer camps you make new friends, live with people from other countries. When you spend three months in the camp normally you and your monitors become friends and they help you in everything when you have difficulties.

It can be hard to spend time away from your family and friends. You may not like the food ,  you can get hurt and normally the Camps are expensive. I’ve never been to a Summer Camp but I would like to try to spend one month in the summer camps.

In my opinion the Summer Camps  are good for us to learn how to take care of ourselves.

My favourite Summer Camps are the adventure one because I like extreme sports.In this Summer Cam I would  like to try  climbing and rappel.


Daniela Pereira