The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

The film talks about a boy how lost him only friend and start the high school.

The film is based on the book, written by Stephen Chbosky and directed by him too.

The film stars are Emma Watson (Sam), Logan Lerman (Charlie) and Ezra Miller (Patrick).

The perks of being a wallflower it´s a movie that talks about a boy how don´t have friends and try to start a new life in him first year in high school where he made two new friends, one girls how he fall in love and one boy how is her sister and how meet him and tell him to be their friend, they three have a loot of problems but don´t let it affect them because they just wanna be happy.

The plot it´s very emotional and powerful because tell us how our society really works and tell us that we can´t judge the people because we never know what they went through.

I truly recommend it because made us think about our society.



Daniela Paulino


O Náufrago

This film tells the story of a man who works in a transport company that goes to an island alone because the plane where he was going fell into the sea. This movie was made by 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks.

Chuck Noland, a FedEx employee, was in a plane crashing into the sea, he manages to reach an island where he spends some of his life alone trying to find a way out.When he started getting sick, he started talking to a ball where he had made a face that gave the name of Wilson. Until one day he went into the sea with a small raft he had built and arrived at a ship that took him back home.

I advise you to watch this movie because although bigger we are always connected to the story.


Daniela Pereira



Summer Camps


Today I will talk about summer camp. There are a lot of summer camps, like tech camps, arts camps, sports camps, etc.

In a summer camp you can do a lot of activities like swimming, tennis, fencing, basketball, dance, theater, art, music, surfing, badminton, aeroball, football, photography, rugby, cooking, etc

There, you can acquire new skills, make new friends, live new experiences, develop self-confidence and express your aptitudes and knowledge.

Some negative aspects about going to a summer camp are to stay away from your family, you can dislike the food and it can be very expensive.

I have never been to an summer camp but I think that can be a very good experience because you can learn more about things that you like, discover new hobbies and know what you are able to do by your own.

My dream summer camp is a sports camp with archery, fencing and abseiling.



Daniela PA


My Favorite Type Of Summer Camp.


In this post I´ll talk about my favorite type of summer camps. There are so many types of summer camps, one for each liking. There are summer camps where you can do many different sports, study, learn many languages and experience adventures.

In these camps you can do different activities such as climbing, running and swimming in the adventure and sports camps. In the other summer camps you can study and learn different languages, about different cultures and different countries.

When you go to the summer camps you make new friends, live with people from other countries. When you spend three months in the camp normally you and your monitors become friends and they help you in everything when you have difficulties.

It can be hard to spend time away from your family and friends. You may not like the food ,  you can get hurt and normally the Camps are expensive. I’ve never been to a Summer Camp but I would like to try to spend one month in the summer camps.

In my opinion the Summer Camps  are good for us to learn how to take care of ourselves.

My favourite Summer Camps are the adventure one because I like extreme sports.In this Summer Cam I would  like to try  climbing and rappel.


Daniela Pereira

Martin Luther King Jr.

I wished that in the world there would be no wars,violence and racism.

Martin Luther King as an African American who was against racism and wanted all people to be treated in same way. Martin made peaceful demonstrations where he gave a speech with the words “I Have a Dream”.

Martin Luther King Jr.died in 1968 for the cause he defended.

On the third Monday of January,the Americans celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr.


Daniela S.

Daniela F’s Favourite Things.

My favourite things are my PlayStation3, because I love to play video games like Assassin`s Creed, Call of Dutty,  Need for Speed and Infamous.

I love watching Anime like Death Note or Mirai Nikki.

I like to read and I love games of Pokemon like Pokemon Go, Pokemon Yellow and I am waiting for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

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Daniela PE’s Dream School

My dream school is very big and modern with high quality technology.

My school must have big classrooms and big desks and new chairs ;and there are a big swimming pool and large football  and basketball fields. The students’ room is big with large chairs and many desks where you can hang out with your friends and have lunch.

In my school the teachers are very friendly and helpful ,and we don’t have homework often.

It’s a very good school.

Daniela’s Favourite Things


My favourite things are cooking, and playing with my little cat because he is a new member of the family.

I love cooking especially for my family and friends because I can make several recipes and please everyone so that no one gets upset. I prefer to make sweet desserts but I also know how to make meat and fish dishes.

I like playing with my cat. He is very small and cute. He is five weeks old and he has been in our home for five days.

He’s very fond of his ball. His name is Pipoca (Popcorn in English).

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